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Dynamic Data Exploration

TinkerPlots is specifically designed to get pupils excited about what they can learn from data! A must for inquiry-based maths classrooms in which students collect and analyse their own data. TinkerPlots helps students to grasp the key concepts that drive data analysis by providing user-friendly plotting tools to make their own graphs!

TinkerPlots enables dynamic graph construction. Graphing has never been so easy. The graphs can be explored to identify common measures such as the mean, median and mode. In addition, pupils can watch these measures change dynamically as points are moved! They can create, import, or download data relevant to their classes, or investigate more than 40 data sets that are included with TinkerPlots. Using the construction set pupils can graph data in multiple ways including: dot plots, map graphs, histograms, scatter plots, and box graphs. Pupils can also add text and pictures to turn a TinkerPlots file into a colorful report.

      TinkerPlots is available at the following prices:
      extended site licence - 650 + VAT (+ 200 + VAT per annum after first year)
      unlimited user site licence - 699 + VAT
      50 user licence - 499 + VAT
      10 user licence - 199 + VAT
      single user licence - 59 + VAT

      For university licences or upgrade prices e-mail or phone 0161 480 1915

    • (The extended licence includes home use by teachers and pupils.)



05 November 2020