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Dynamic Data Software
version 2

Data analysis has never been easier. Fathom’s dynamic software will enable you to bridge the gap between abstract and concrete mathematical and statistical concepts and allow students to see and manipulate data in a clear graphic form.

You and your students can use the dynamic tools provided by Fathom to:
Plot values and functions on top of data and vary them dynamically with sliders to show the effects of different variables.
Build simulations that illuminate concepts from probability and statistics.
Demonstrate standard statistical analyses, including multiple linear regressions.
Set up populations and sample from them repeatedly to give students a feel for the sampling process.
Create sampling distributions without any knowledge of programming.

      Fathom is available at the following prices:
      extended site licence - 750 + VAT
      unlimited user site licence - 550 + VAT
      50 user licence - 420 + VAT
      10 user licence - 199 + VAT
      single user licence - 79 + VAT
      student licence - 25 + VAT

    • For university licences or upgrade prices e-mail or phone 0161 480 1915
    • (The extended licence includes home use by teachers and pupils.)



05 November 2020