Maths Starters, Omnigraph, Nubble!, Mental Arithmetic, Fractions, Numeracy Starters, Algebra

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Simply the best software for schools, colleges and at home.

Higgs Force Interactive
Nubble! maths game software

The world’s greatest maths game!
Nubble!, Nubble! Deluxe,
Nubble! 64 and Nubble! Express

Omnigraph maths software

long standing favourite software for pupils and teachers

Gravity by Nicholas Mee Higgs Force by Nicholas Mee

Maths Lesson Starters
Four volumes of 25 interactive maths starters, puzzles and games

Maths Starters software
Algebra maths software

The classic quartet:
Mental Arithmetic, Fractions, Trigonometry, Algebra

Cracking the Cosmic Code
by Nicholas Mee

Cosmic Symmetry Shattered
by Nicholas Mee

Numeracy Lesson Starters
Three volumes of 25 interactive maths starters, puzzles and games

Great Scientists
Interactive activities and puzzles about great scientists

Great Mathematicians
Two volumes of inspirational maths activities and puzzles

Numeracy Starters software
Great Scientists
Great Mathematicians software

Art and Mathematics
highly acclaimed with stunning illustrations

Art and Mathematics software

The Code Book on CD-ROM
interactive puzzles and virtual Enigma machine

The Code Book on CD-ROM

cutting edge interactive maths software

Autograph maths software

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