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The maths game that pupils just can’t resist!
Perfect for sharpening up your arithmetic!

“I'm sure it will come as no surprise to you that the children were incredibly excited when Nubble Deluxe arrived and were literally begging to use it!”

Darren Roberts, Deputy Headteacher, Farmborough Primary School

“We’re loving Nubble! Deluxe.”

Mike Forrest, Maths Teacher, George Stephenson High School

Nubble! remains the best game on my IWB. My pupils would play it all day!”

Grant Whitaker, Maths Teacher, Gayhurst School

Maths Games
Maths Games
Nubble! Millennium Products Award

Everyone loves Nubble! - teachers, pupils and parents. It is the perfect way for pupils to sharpen their numeracy skills.
We have now developed a new high resolution version of Nubble! that includes a “Headstart” option in which between 10 and 50 hexagons are randomly covered over at the start of the game. This means that pupils are immediately immersed in the heart of the game and a full game can be completed quickly at the start or the end of a lesson.

“Nubble! is a very flexible tool for all abilities to develop thinking skills and strategies, whether playing competitively or cooperatively in a team. It is excellent value for money, but watch out, this game is addictive!”
                                Home Education Advisory Service  

“The new “Headstart” feature makes Nubble! into a package that can be used every day and for schools like mine based on a secondary system it is great. I suffer from children arriving to my lessons having come from different parts of the school, unlike the traditional primary setup. Using the headstart feature I can actively engage the children as they arrive, thus utilising the normally dead 5 to 8 minutes at the start of each lesson. The mental arithmetic skills developed playing Nubble! are so important right through to GCSE and it is those children who critically fall on the C to D grade border who would benefit from this regular reinforcement in a fun game scenario which is what Nubble! does so well.”
Ed Crocombe - Advanced Skills Teacher, Ferndown Middle School

Summary of the Rules of Nubble!
Players take turns to throw four dice and, using the numbers thrown, generate a whole number between 1 and 100. For example: (6 + 4) x (3 + 1) = 40. The player clicks the number on the Nubble! board and scores points depending on which number they have chosen. The highest numbers score the most points. Players score bonus points by making a Nubble! move. This is when the chosen number creates a triangle of three adjacent counters on the board. Double bonus points are scored by making a Nubble! move on a prime number – this is a double Nubble! move. The game ends when there is a continuous path of counters from hexagon 1 to hexagon 100. The winner is the player with the highest score.

Try it out for yourself by downloading the demo version!

      The Nubble! Deluxe CD-ROM is a bargain at the following prices:
      single user licence - 35 + VAT
      2-29 user licence - 70 + VAT
      30-59 user licence - 105 + VAT
      60-89 user licence - 140 + VAT
      90-119 user licence - 175 + VAT
      unlimited user site licence - 210 + VAT
      extended site licence - 420 + VAT
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05 November 2020