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Life, the Universe
and Mathematics


The eight sections of the
Life, the Universe and Mathematics CD-ROM contain:

100 animations
50 illustrations
50 screens of text
numerous interactive programs


Labyrinths and Knots
Cosmic Geometry
Celestial Mechanics
Cellular Automata
Complex Polygons



“Virtual Image's latest CD-ROM is aimed at older, more information-craving youngsters and, in fact, any adults who would care to find out more about such a fascinating and broad-ranging subject.... Covering a wide diversity of subjects, from Daedelus and the minotaur in the Cretan labyrinth to the way we can use computers to mimic life, the disc is suitable for children who want to go a little deeper with their maths homework, with plenty of interactive animations and beautiful computer-generated animations and beautiful computer-generated pictures to illustrate the subjects... With the number of interactive pictures nestling on this disc, it would seem there's the equivalent to an encyclopedia's worth of words ready to expand inquisitive minds... simply looking at the pictures can be a pleasurable experience in itself. With the sort of animations that really show computers off at their best, there is plenty to ogle at.”
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“Life, the Universe and Mathematics is a program that aims to help people understand the largely ignored link between maths and life. We might not know it, but our universe is governed by complex mathematical rules. Natural occurrences such as the DNA chain, animal movement and even a planet's orbit can be explained by using simple maths and physics... The first module of the program tries to break us in gently and deals mainly with the relationships between helixes and labyrinths... The program then goes on to show a variety of links between things we take for granted and these laws... The graphics though deserve special mention. Although these are mostly quite simple, the graphics used in this program are eye catching to say the least. They are all impressively animated with some having nice features such as textures and shadows.”
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“The disk is full of odd little things that could spark a future mathematician's interest.”
                                                   Times Higher Educational Supplement

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05 November 2020