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History CD-ROMs


Vikings, Romans and Anglo-Saxons

The Bog People
Celts and Romans
Roman Britain
Boudicca’s Revolt
The Roman Legacy
Anglo-Saxon Invasions
An Anglo-Saxon Village
Saxon Kingdoms

Sutton Hoo
Viking Invasions
The Birth of England
Viking Settlements
Viking Culture
Forging a Kingdom

Famous People and Events

Florence Nightingale
Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar
Queen Elizabeth II
Mahatma Gandhi
John Lennon
Nelson Mandela

The Great Fire of London
The Olympic Games
The Battle of Hastings
The Mongol Invasions
The Gunpowder Plot
The French Revolution
The Moon Landings

World War 2

The Start of the War
The Blitz and Air Raids

Key Leaders
The Armed Forces
The Battle of Britain
The Progress of the War
The Atomic Bomb
Preventing War

The Victorians

Queen Victoria
The British Empire
Everyday Life
The Class System
Victorian Education
Victorian Beliefs

Health and Medicine
Victorian Inventions
Charles Dickens
Industry and Power
Charles Darwin
The British Raj

Ancient Greece

Where and When
Athens and Sparta
Greek Fighters
Mediterranean Trade
The Battle of Marathon
Greek Beliefs
Greek Writing
Ancient Greek Schools

The Theatre
The Olympic Games
Builders and Architects
Great Thinkers
Alexander the Great
Triumph and Decline
The Legacy of Greece

The Tudors

The Tudors
Henry VIII
Henry VIII’s Six Wives
Elizabeth I
Tudor Exploration
Sir Francis Drake

Settlements in America
Tudor Homes and Life
Rich and Poor
Clothes and Clothing
The Theatre
Tudor Science

Ancient Egypt

The History of Egypt
The Egyptian Landscape
Farming in Egypt
Egyptian Society
Life in Ancient Egypt
Temples and Religion
Life After Death

The Pyramids
Words and Numbers
Ideas and Inventions
Armies and Warfare
Health and Medicine
Food in Ancient Egypt

      Each of the Interactive History CD-ROMs is priced:
      Extended site licence    - 99.95 + VAT
      unlimited user site licence - 79.95 + VAT
      30-59 user licence      - 59.95 + VAT
      2-29 user licence       - 39.95 + VAT
      single user licence      - 19.95 + VAT

      SPECIAL OFFER - Buy all 7 Interactive History CD-ROMs for just:
      extended site licence - 499 + VAT (save 200 + VAT)
      unlimited user site licence - 399 + VAT (save 160 + VAT)
      30-59 user licence - 299 + VAT (save 120 + VAT)
      2-29 user licence - 199 + VAT (save 80 + VAT)
      single user licence - 99 + VAT (save 40 + VAT)

      (The extended licence includes home use by teachers and pupils.)




05 November 2020