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Acid/Base Titrations
Realistic interactive simulations
of chemical titrations!


The software will allow your students to perform virtual titrations in minutes. Students can alter the type of solution in both the burette and the flask, as well as the molarity of the solutions and the volume in the flask. Seven indicators may be used including Methyl Orange, Litmus and Phenolphthalein and may be changed at any stage of the titration.
The quiz option allow students to test themselves by performing titrations on a solution of unknown strength that has been generated by the computer.

There are 5 preset experiments to enable students to get started quickly. Blackline masters include 12 more experiments.
There are also additional teacher resources that include handouts on:

Calculation of pH
Equations for approximation of pH for:
  i. Weak acids and salts of weak acids
  ii. Diprotic acids and salts of diprotic acids
K and pK values for common acids and bases
Indicator colour change ranges

Suitable for Chemistry
Key Stage 4 and A Level

      Available for Windows PC and Apple Mac
      Acid/Base Titrations is priced:
      unlimited user site licence - 149 + VAT
      extended site licence - 298 + VAT

      (The extended licence includes home use by teachers and pupils.)




05 November 2020